Accademic Training

Clinical Training

Our fellows attend general adult CHD clinics (twice/week), medical/surgical conference (weekly) and have one day/week dedicated to research.

Responsibilities include:

  • the inpatient service,
  • admissions for adult CHD interventions and
  • providing TEE backup for procedures and surgical interventions.

Training options with specific interests include emphasis on:

  • echocardiography (minimum 2 days/week),
  • interventional procedures (minimum 1 day/week),
  • pulmonary hypertension (1 day a week)

    In the case of a pediatric cardiology fellow, the training would be tailored to include increased exposure to atherosclerotic heart disease.

From 2006 onwards we are providing training for 1-2 fellows per year. We offer a dedicated scholarship in adult CHD and pulmonary hypertension.

Fellowship Training

In, 2005 we graduated the first adult CHD fellow in Quebec. Our adult CHD fellows are valued members of our team. Both adult and pediatric cardiologists are welcomed. Our goal is to provide a rich and structured academic environment with ample “hands-on” opportunity for clinical exposure, research/publication and teaching to general cardiology fellows.

Nursing Education

The clinic offers a unique opportunity for student nurses to improve their clinical knowledge and help patients with complex health issues. Our patients have special educational needs on health, pregnancy, physical activities, and on their cardiac physiology. For a student nurse, these varieties offer a vast range of possible interventions with the patients and their family but also with our specialized medical staff.