Meet the Team

Our leadership and collaborators are dedicated to the clinical and advancement of the field of congenital heart disease worldwide.

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Our Collaborators

The story of McGill University and congenital heart disease is marked by a series of historical accomplishments.

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The MAUDE Unit

is privileged to dedicate its mission to excellence in the care of the special young people who have grown up with congenital heart disease.

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Facts about Congenital Heart Diseases

Congenital heart diseases are conditions that are present from birth, due to abnormalities of the heart's structure and function.

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MAUDE Unit expands with a change of address at the MUHC

As of May 22nd, 2007 the MAUDE Unit is located at the Royal Victoria Hospital.

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Upcoming Events

Heart and Stroke Foundation "Walk for Heart" camp
Join us for the Walk for Heart at Cap-Saint-Jacques Nature Park, Pierrefonds.

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